Amarone Della Valpolicella (2011 und 2013)

Amarone Corte Sant’Alda is made from a selection of Corvina 40%, Rondinella 20% and Corvina Grossa 40% from our central vineyards – Roaro Vineyard 7 – Valletta Vineyard 5 and Bosco Vineyard 6 – for an overall area of 3.70 hectares.
All the vines are grown using the simple guyot system with a density of 6400 plants/hectare.
All our grapes have organic certification and in recent years the vineyards have been managed on the basis of bio-dynamic agriculture principles.
The experience of the grape-pickers who come back year after year and the groves in a strategic position are fundamental elements in the traditional and natural grape drying process that utterly excludes any kind of forcing
The grapes are placed in wooden boxes in the vineyards themselves and must ensure optimal quality, ripeness and well-separated bunches. They are then kept until February in integral and healthy condition.
Over these months, a physiological reduction of around 60/65% takes place involving important conversion and concentration.
“Piè di couve” exclusively with native yeasts helps activate all fermentation stages in 40 hl vats. Low seasonal temperatures ensure that this stage lasts for more than a month, during which time continual rack and return and manual wine-crushing procedures ensure the best extraction of the goodness and elegance of the skins.
On completion of fermentation and after pouring off, the new Amarone is left for no less than three years in oak barrels of various capacities and ages.